The Internet of Things

Devices of all sorts are getting connectivity to "the cloud" these days. We'll keep your updated on the latest trends with smart devices.

The Internet of Things is Set to Change Your World

November 4, 2015 by Jason Small

The internet of things (IoT) - the blanket term to capture the concept of connecting every day objects and devices that you use to the internet. But what does that mean for the businesses jumping in and more importantly, for you?
The IoT is set to grow to 50 billion "things" by 2020. Each thing in that count will have its own computer own board and be able to think and interact with the internet on its own. Considering that kind of projected growth, the pace of development is torrid everyone from startups to large corporations seek to get in on the action.

Raspberry Pi

Seeking to take front and center in the minds of device creators is Raspberry Pi. After creating cheap computers for hobbyists, the microcomputer company is launching a service to customize its tiny embedded computers to be put into all manners of gadgets like media players and home automation hubs that connect to locks, smart light bulbs, and other sensors in your home. The idea is to help inventors bootstrap an idea to a marketable device with help from Raspberry Pi, all fueled by crowdfunding by the likes of Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

What about me?

For consumers, that means you'll be asked to validate products earlier in the development cycle and even join in the risk of bringing them to market by committing your hard-earned cash ahead of time. The up side is that you get a voice in funding that types of things that you care about and that have a genuine ability to make your life better. Whether that's a home security camera that automatically tells dogs and cats from burglars or a connected AC that cools the house off before you get home, you will be on the front lines of innovation . . . with all of the bumps and bruises that comes along with it.